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Monday, December 20, 2010


lets bring the storyy begin.................

on 18 December 2010

I have a programme i my college..with a group from CPA-Australia and University of Malaya..they are board of director Uiversity of Malaya Accounting Club . They were a superbb sporting.. about their talk ,very nice English n clear. I can understand what they want to talk about .
haha ;DD

sebab2 yg aku rase die sgt best....

firstly... it been held in DKB2 .. sejukk! so, tak rase hot lah kan.
second... icebreaking die agak best la.. games die pun not bad . make me more confident ;)
THIRD!!!! there was a DREAM GUY in the event been held . like a japanese or korea guy duhh . he is one of board of director UMAC . dah la pandai , handsome pulak! ohhh ... seriously all girls "melting" watching on him (including me) haha . but i'm still can control my expression .. other girls? they like "kipas-susah-mati" -.-
fourth... i got what i hope from the program .
five... free meals! yummy. yummyyyy ;DDD

who which is in accounting link..
view this UMAC ...
here can make you really want to be one of them! ;D

oooops! who is really wish want to see the face of dream guy.. i'm sorryy.. i have to dissapoint you . i don't want show you the picture because he is NOT available any more ... huhu

broken english . lantakkkk!!!! -.-

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